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A male cheetah makes his way on the savannah making his territory.

Dixon is offering a tray of cookies to go along with our...

Lunch on the svannah. The watering hole is behind us.

We got a bit of a reprieve this morning and got to sleep in until 7 am. Met with others in the camp for the customary continental breakfast and then boarded the land rover for a day long safari drive. We spotted a Cheetah and after a little while found a spot for our morning tea and cookies, and boy were they good as we sipped and ate while watching the cheetah from a sage distance away – say 200 feet.

We saw giraffes, impalas, water bucks, elephants, zebras, baboons, vultures and a whole bunch of wildebeest during the day. We had lunch on the savanna by a watering hole so we could watch the hippos resting under the water. A mother giraffe and baby came to the watering hole very tentatively but turned away before they got too close to use. We also took a walk with two rifle bearing guides leading us to make sure we were safe.

Heading back to our camp we kept hoping to spot the elusive lion but no such luck. We returned, freshened up, and headed to the bar area for our evening. We chatted with Shane, one of our hostesses, had a drink and appetizer, and then Nick thoroughly defeated me in hands of poker. (Who knew he could play? I lost several dinner bets.)

Dinner with the other guests was around 8 pm and by the time it ended, many of us had blankets on to keep us warm. You see, evenings and especially mornings were quite cool. Once the sun went down, the temperature dropped quickly. We slept with several layers. An especially cold breeze came in around 10:15 pm which caused the sides of the tent to sway with the wind. However, we still heard the animals outside even though we were bundled up to our ears.

Little Makalolo is situated ground level and open to a savanna with a water hole to attract the animal. It is very common to hear the elephants throughout the night.

Thus ended this day. Tomorrow we head to Ruckomechi.

Question for the day… what is the only word which sounds the same and means the same in every language it is spoken? (This was the question Nick asked to begin our campfire discussion.)

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