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The animals drinking from a watering hole as we drive to our...

At dusk the elephants head for the watering holes.

On the morning drive we3 come across a herd of elephants. At...

A herd of elephants cross our path as we head to Little...

A big elephant gives us a warning glance.

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Close-up of an elephant's trunk.

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Our vehicles becomes surrounded by elephants on our morning game drive from...

After sleeping bundled up because our cabin at Sikumi had no heat, we awoke at 6 am for a cup of coffee, a piece of cake, and then off for our game drive. (cake for breakfast – you can’t beat that.)

The safari started off slow and cold. We were bundled up in blankets. We first passed a warthog along the side of the road. We drove off in the bush to at least shield us from the cold and then around 8:30 am we encountered our first group of elephants. After the experience last night, we simply watched hoping for another repeat but no such luck. That was until a few moments later when we turned down a small road and our elephant encounter began.

They were to our right as we stopped and turned off the engine. They came towards us and then some went around the front and others our back. We sat watching them for a little while but it was so amazing we could have stayed for much longer. An elephant towards our left gave us a view of the end of her trunk a. (I have a video to upload on that, if I can make it smaller.)

Back to the main camp then, breakfast, and we are off to Hwange Main Camp to meet a connection to our next lodge. On the way we stopped at the Painted Dog Conservatory where they are working to help the endangered wild dog through recovery of orphaned dogs and rehabilitation of injured ones.

After a 2+ plus hour wait, (no worry; it is Africa), our transport arrives. Ultimately we switch to our intended transport and meet Charles, the guide from Little Makalolo. We don’t have time to get to the lodge and then a game drive so Charles takes us on one as we return. We come across many elephants, impala, and a few zebra. The picture included was taken at a water hole with many of the species we saw. The waterholes are remnants from the rainy season but some whole are man-made and water is pumped in. As we near our lodge, we run across a badger and a resident hyena and our greeted upon our arrival with a warm towel and a glass of sherry. Not a bad way to arrive.

The lodge is comprised of six permanent tents/rooms for guests, a open-air dining room, bar / library, a guest lou with a view ( A great view of the open bush as you sit), and tents / huts for the employees. Very impressive. Enjoyed a glass of Amarula and chats around the fire with the other guests after dinner.

The end of a great day.

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