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Campsite, Sainte Flavie, QC

Drove the RV to Sainte, Flavie, Quebec, our home for 3 nights. We knew that Quebec’s main language was French, but expected bilingual signs...EVERYTHING is in French, no English! I haven’t used the little French I know in 6 years and have forgotten most of it. Luckily, some of the words are coming back, but not enough. At the campground I had to find someone who could speak enough English to get us checked in. The campground has a gorgeous view... right on the water. We picked a campsite on the water and pulled in so our windshield is facing the rocky beach and the Gulf of St Lawrence. The gulf is so wide at this point that we cannot see land on the other side. The tide was out exposing about 100 yards of rocks (some mossy) and tide pools. We walked along the beach playing with the baby shrimp in the tide pools - when we moved the sea weed or created a shadow they scattered everywhere,

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