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Ferry to Whidbey Island!

Rusty's Labs, Hawser & Anchor!

Pea soup fog ahead at the bridge!

2nd attempt..We cannot fight this incoming tide!

Back to the dock!

Battery at Fort Worden State Park!

Obey the signs!

Colorful afternoon races!

The family comes for a visit..Gary, Steph, Rob & pups, Riley &...

Riley goes for a swim!

Wet puppy!


Good martini!

The cool dudes!


Red sails in the sunset!

A re-fueling tanker crosses our wake!

For some reason, these pilings are one of my favorite photos!

Day breaks!

Lovely town, Port Townsend!

We're back at the Pt. Hudson Marina where we've had to change sites a few times before settling back in our front row seat. Parking facilities are full...'tis the season in the northwest! We do not mind this minor inconvenience to be in this beautiful location.

Three attempts to bring Rusty's trawler from his marina at Deception Pass back here to Pt. Hudson failed. The scenario involves us getting an early morning ferry to Whidbey Island, Rusty driving 20 miles to pick us up with a car load of Labrador Retrievers. Well, there are only two but they are big and the youngest, Hawser, very energetic. Then back to his boat where we have several wheel-barrow loads of food and supplies plus Anchor, the older lab, is disabled and has to be carried off and on. If the tide is low we must negotiate a vertical ramp while managing all of the above.

The first try got us to the Deception Pass bridge where the fog was pea-soup thick and not about to budge for hours. With a 4 hour boat trip to Pt. Townsend we don't want to get a late start so turn around, head back, off-load, then drive to catch the afternoon ferry back to Port Townsend. On the second trip a few days later we again got to the bridge and encountered an incoming tide running at us faster than the boat's 8.5 knots could power through. In fact, we were actually losing ground and jumping rapids. The third time we woke up early for our walk to the ferry, looked around and saw fog at the north end of Whidbey, called Rusty and said "no way"! We will miss our time with Rusty on the boat and the great Dungeness crab we usually get in Anacortes.

Saw a couple more great movies in town: The Kids are All Right and the 2nd in the Steig Larsson trilogy, The Girl Who Played with Fire. Drove out to North Beach Park one day and hiked up and over to Fort Worden State Park and along the Strait of Juan de Fuca. Fort Worden, along with the heavy batteries of Fort Flagler and Fort Casey, once guarded nautical entrance to Puget Sound.

As our second week approaches we start getting ready for the excitement of a family visit. Stephanie and Gary with grandson Rob down from AK to drive his truck, and their two dogs, Maci the Golden and Riley the Lab, drive up in their motorhome from Sacramento. This is a long two day drive for them with Rob's truck being dropped off in Seattle for shipment back to Anchorage. They then board the ferry for Bainbridge Island and we meet them on the other side to lead the way back to Pt. Townsend for their 5 day stay.

The weather gods smiled on us most of the time and the marine traffic entertained with the usual parade of ships and boats and ferries, and a not so usual nuclear submarine being escorted to Bremerton and a huge Navy refueling tanker sliding by right in front of our site en route to the Indian Island facilities. We had wonderful barbecues and great games of Mexican Train, walks through and up town, and a couple of good meals out. But mostly, we just enjoyed sitting around, relaxing and being together.

It's now time for us to say "goodbye" to this lovely town. We have had the greatest month here in Port Townsend and look forward to being back next year!

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