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Whitetail deer at Port Edward

Skeena River ???

Bald Eagle at Ferry Terminal

Totem pole in the middle of Prince Rupert

Cow Bay Harbour

Sea Lion Cow Bay Harbour

Wednesday 18 August

In the night it started to rain but fortunately we woke up to an overcast day but no rain. We found the North Pacific Cannery at Port Edward but unfortunately it had a sign up saying closed. On the way there we surprised a young whitetail doe. She was obviously very used to traffic as she stayed on the side of the road until we were right alongside her and we managed to get some photos.

We then headed into Prince Rupert; first stop was to the RV Park close to the Ferry Terminal and we booked in and next stop was to the BC Ferries office to finalise our sailing tomorrow. We were glad we had done this today as there was paperwork to complete and we had to provide photo identification to gain our boarding passes. We also made arrangements to change our sailing from Vancouver Island back to Vancouver; by going later in the afternoon (was to be 10.00am) it gives us more time to explore around the Sidney area where the Buchart and Butterfly Gardens are.

Back into the township area we found the Scotia Bank and somewhere for lunch. Then we visited the Museum of Northern BC; what an amazing building and displays. We joined a tour with Sam as our guide; he is native Tsimshian. He explained about the various tribes in the area and how they worked together with trade routes established between tribes. He also told us about the houses the native people built in the early days; the houses were very big - sometimes housing up to 125 extended family members and the chief's house front would be painted but others not, and there would be a very tall totem pole outside his house. The further away you lived from the chief's house the lower your rank. Some of the exhibits were very interesting; woven cloaks, bentwood boxes and the basketry was so fine and intricate. A visit we found very worthwhile and informative.

Interestingly, in Prince Rupert we have found more indigenous people than in any of the other towns/cities we have visited.

On the map we had positions of totem poles in the town marked so we found most of them and took photos, then we went to the Sea Plane base. This was just like a taxi cab rank; in the short time we were there we saw two planes take off and three land. Customs officers even met one of the planes; we assume that they may have flown someone in from the USA. Next stop was the fishing boat ramp, lots of boats coming and going and a sea lion frolicking in the water.

We decided to have dinner out tonight in Cow Bay which is well known for its seafood. The sun was shining on the boat harbour and we were also lucky to see a sea lion swimming around (see photos). We had a very nice meal at Smiles right by the harbour; Dave had a seafood platter and Jenny had deep fried scallops - we both enjoyed our meals.

The day was overcast initially but the afternoon had some sunny spells so we are hoping for the best tomorrow.

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