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Do we go down?

Nice rumps

Up they went

Sunset thru the aspens

The light catching the upper leaves on the aspens

Time for dinner

Sunset off the evergreens

Sunset sihloutte

Pretty view

Is it a fire pit or a hot tub by the river


Water channel running thru the property

Do you see the handle?

This is the road I hike

Acorns are growing everywhere


Colorful berries

I found a new place to take my daily walk. I was getting tired of walking in circles around the park and Len wasn't thrilled with me walking on the main road. It was a very quite main road and beautiful view of the valley, but I needed a change of scenery. I found a weekend property just off the end of the park with a great windy & steep road down to the river. I would haul my fannie up and down this road about 4 times. It is a great workout. The higher altitude certainly added to that workout.

Tonight Len and I drive up Stoner Mesa Rd to check out the sunset. We drove up just high enough to look back down into the valley. I made a dinner of corn on the cob, tuna with crackers and a nectarine and enjoyed it and the view from the tailgate of the Ford. Dusk was fast approaching so we continued on up the road. We were 1/2 mile around the bend, when we spooked 6 or so elk. They didn't know whether to go down or up the hill. We ran across some more cows and spotted three deer. One with a big rack. No bears. The sun was setting as we drove into the aspen and firs. It made for great lighting. The drive back down the mountain provided a beautiful sunset silhouette. We parked for about 40 mins on the way down and watched the moon set behind the mountains and the stars filling the sky. Again, I wish I had pictures to share. The milky way was shining bright.

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