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Arriving at the Greek Restaurant

Waiting to be seated



Outdoors on the patio








We were awake before full light outdoors this morning. I went out to start a campfire and set up the lawn chairs around the fire pit.

By the time I finished that little chore, Marilyn was coming out the door of the RV carrying a tray with coffee, creamer, etc.

We sat around the nice fire, talking quietly. Marilyn wore a light jacket over her sweatshirt and I finally gave in and went back indoors to get a jacket to put on over my sweatshirt. I grabbed my cap while I was at it. It was brisk out there!

We are talking about a possible change in our plans for next year. Tony & Jackie have asked us to accompany them on a trip to South Africa next year, and we are very seriously thinking about it.

One week in Capetown and then three weeks in Kruger National Park, staying in camps near the animals. What an awesome experience that would be. We’ll be making a decision soon.

Tony & Jackie walked up to our site to join us at the campfire this morning.

We sat there talking until after the coffee was gone and the fire had burned out.

Our friends had the carpet in their RV cleaned this morning, so they had to be back at their own site by 9:00.

That was our signal to get our showers taken and get dressed for the day.

It was after 11:00 when our friends picked us up to drive downtown for lunch at a Greek Restaurant.

Today is the last day here at Mountaindale for Tony & Jackie. They head out for New Mexico tomorrow morning. We all wanted to have a “So Long” lunch together so today was the day.

The food was really good and the conversation never lagged.

We arrived back at the resort a bit after 2:00 and everyone seemed to feel that it was time for a nap.

Marilyn was the exception as she took a book outdoors to sit in the shade and read.

I dozed off in my recliner for awhile.

I do have a few pictures to post for you.

We hate to see our friends leave but that is a common feeling among the RV crowd. We have watched as Dennis & Janet, Mike & Sally, Dennis & Sonja, Chuck & Coletta, and Mike & Marian pulled out and headed for other parts of this wonderful country.

Now, Tony & Jackie head out tomorrow. As with the other friends who touched our lives for awhile, here in Colorado, we wish you all God Speed!

Ken & Jean are still here, as are Jim & Linda. Other friends, Richard & Diana, and Jim & Karen live here. We plan to spend some time with all of these good folks before we leave in a few weeks.

This has certainly been an awesome summer and I may have to write a journal entry about that subject. We’ll see.

One thing we know for sure……………..Life is Good!

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