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Hotel room view of the Neretva river









Mosque built in the 15/16th century

Old town bridge















































OK, I know I am way way behind on my journal updates!!! It's been difficult to stay up to date with all the moving around I have been doing. I probably change cities and hotels every 2-3 days and most of my time is spent exploring and doing research on where to go next...OK and drinking. I thought I was going to give up on the journal but after having spent a few days here in Bosnia I want to make sure I share the pictures with everyone.

Coming to Bosnia-Herzegovina was never a part of my original travel plans. Most of what I knew of the place was related to the brutal Balkan wars of the 1990s. I mean I even thought Yugoslavia still existed!!! I figured that visiting Croatia would be enough to give me an idea about what the Balkans was all about. Croatia was beautiful and is blessed to have miles and miles of some of the most beautiful coastlines and islands I have ever seen. Those pics will come later as I work backwards from here to catch up to my journal.

Mostar gives you a good idea of the ethnic and religious make up of the area. Bosnian Croats, Bosnian Serbs, Muslims make up the community of Christians, Orthodox, Muslims and Jews. I won't bore you with the history and you can read it on Wikipedia but I was interested in seeing how people in the community interacted now and how the city looked after the bombing campaign 15-20 years. I only took pics during the day and the city looked amazing! I wish i had taken my camera with me as I walked around for dinner because everything is lit up and looks just as amazing. As you can see from the pictures everything has been rebuilt. The river you see is the Neretva river and is emerald green and 5 meters deep in the some parts of the center. The bridge in the pictures is the famous Old Town Bridge which links the Christian Croat side of town to the Muslim side. The bridge was destroyed in a bombing campaign in 1993. As you can see the bridge is fully rebuilt and a major symbol of a peaceful Mostar. Diving competitions are held off this bridge. The people are for the most part friendly and speak a little English...thank god I know how to point. The food is great not sure how to classify it but very Turkish which would make sense since the Ottoman empire ruled Bosnia in the 15 & 16th century (maybe longer, not sure) and it has a huge Muslim population. You see lots of pictures around of the war and in one museum you see live footage of the bombings and the destruction of the bridge. It was incredible to watch and I am happy that I got a chance to see the beautiful rebuilt city.

Next up Sarajevo, Bosnia-Herzegovina to get a feel of the northern side of the country. I promise I won't ramble as much as I did with this posting.

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