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City life, country life! We feel like the lyrics to "Green Acres". Since Corky returned to work, we live at the city property Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday; spending Friday through Monday out in the country on his folks property. The change in scenery keeps us happy enough. Without too much whining I have become a manual laborer-ha! After seventeen years the tenant in the front duplex has moved and renovations have begun. Maybe it would be more accurate to say the gutting process has begun. With every use of the crowbar, my hands are adapting-ugh. We will persevere, then succumb to calling Rachel and Ray, wonderful contractors.

Plenty of good times are keeping the fun in life - Boat racing, grand baby visits, and grandchildren baby sitting. After a two year break from engine building, Corky is enjoying "tinkering" with the Liddycoat boats. Post race socializing comes in a close second. Scott's wife, Kim and I don't waste any time on preplannin'. We have suppers down pat...hamburgers, hot dogs, brats, sometimes chicken with all the fixins including homemade pico de gallo(yummy). It's so easy to gather cheese/crackers, dips, salads and BYObeverage! We end up with as many as 30 folks gathered 'round the area. The trick is to arrive while supplies last! Don't think for one minute we come prepared to feed that many people.

It was quite special taking my mom to see baby Jacob. It delighted her to be able to hold him for such a long time. He curled right up on her chest for a long rest. Mama has not lost her touch! We only wish my daddy could be here to see him. I know he must be looking in on him from above!

Oh, I forgot to say our boat friend, "Huffer", took a nasty fall resulting in a broken hip. Rescue is a MUST at all race events. Thank you Hampton City for your superior care. Now for the nasty part...health care reform begins with the insurance providers!!!! NOT the current political approach. Example...insurance dictates when the patient will be discharged-how about twelve(12) hours post ORIF(open reduction internal fixation)?? Early pain management is essential to orthopedic recovery. Thanks for listening; I just had to get that off my chest! Does anyone have a soapbox for my preachin'?

We'll be enjoying AYCE crabs(again) Wednesday night at the Oysterette in downtown Suffolk. Melted butter and Old Bay will be dripping from our elbows.

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