Summer 2010 travel blog

Another view from the top

Looking down the other way

The two stall carrage house

Ready to go down to the pier

Rugged shoreline to stop errosion

Alexus liked this so took a picture

Aaaah another great night for sleeping. Woke this morning to the petter patter of rain on the roof vents. Just a light rain and so I rolled over and slept to almost 9. We got up and had a leisurely breakfast. My cell phone does not work here but the data side of it does, its slow but it works. The radar on it shows lots of rain south of us so we are taking our time and allowing it to pass. We should be out of here by 11 I think and home around noon or a little later. The plan is to fuel at Flying J as the generator cut out on the way up here as it is below 1/4 tank. We had a good time and enjoyed it here. Nice views and its pretty quiet. Home safely with a full fuel tank. Now it is off to the Williams Family Reunion

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