Summer 2010 travel blog

Resting after the first hike

Our view out the front window

Alexus found a few nice black berries

Finally a butterfly

Just what kind of feather is this, does anyone know?

Poppy leads the way and clears the spider webs

There was supposed to be a bridge here, it goofed up our...

We spotted another benchmark on a bridge

Nice flowers by the contact station

One of the old lights from the lighthouse

They stored their years worh of oil in this small bottles on...

Nothing like a good nights sleep. We turned in shortly after the Bill game ended, at least it was preseason. Slept until shortly after 8 this morning. Opened the front curtain and there again is the beautiful view of the lake. I started the coffee and we each tuned up our TV’s. Me some news and Alexus, you guessed it, cartoons. It looks like it should be a nice day although they say the humidity will be high and up into the 80’s. We hope to do a little hiking today and geocaching so I will report on that later. Last night we had a nice American Eagle MH on our west side but they were gone when we got up this morning. These sites are heavily used so I am guessing we will get new neighbors later today.

Well so much for geocaching in the heat and humidity. A key bridge was out which added about 2 miles to getting to the first part of a multi-cache. We found the spot you can tell lots of people have been there, we looked and looked. It has not been found since June so I am guessing it has been taken. So we looked at doing another multi-cache. But had to go back near the MH for a clue and then back over via the detour to the area we were in and then back to the MH. So Alexus opted to just go back and have lunch. Boy it is humid and no breeze in the woods. We would have taken water if we had known it was so long around because the bridge was out. We made it back ok but soaked and in need of a good drink of water. Resting now after lunch. Then some board games.

Well it was a lazy afternoon, recovering from the 5 plus mile hike this morning. Still humid outside but nice and cool in the MH almost too cold. Alexus grilled for supper again and we are all cleaned up. After the sunset I will put the chairs away and maybe the awning as it is to maybe be raining in the morning. That will make it easier to break camp and head home. We have a reunion and maybe a tractor pull to attend tomorrow, depending on the weather.

These photos were all taken by Alexus

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