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Farmer's Market





Inside Pizzeria Rustica


Linda & Jim

We sipped our coffee indoors this morning. We had plans to get out and about today. The farmer’s market in Old Colorado City, and then meeting our friends, Jim & Linda, for lunch at the “Pizzeria Rustica”.

Tony & Jackie had to move to a new site today, so Tony was remaining behind to make that move while Jackie rode with us.

Marilyn & I finished our coffee, then straightened the RV inside and took our showers.

Ken agreed to assist Tony by being that extra set of eyes as he maneuvered between the trees. Remember that two years ago, we ruined one of our slide out toppers by getting too close to a pine tree.

The folks in the site that Tony was moving in to, were in no hurry to get started, so we left Tony to get moved while Jackie, Marilyn & I headed to town.

We were running just a tad late so I dropped Marilyn and Jackie at the farmer’s market. I’m afraid that Jackie may have put a kink in her back as she took that long step down to the street from the truck. We sure hope she is ok soon.

I drove away from the gals, going to park the truck, and I saw Jim & Linda standing on the corner watching for us. We waved to each other and I motioned that Marilyn was just behind me.

By the time I parked the truck and walked back to the marketplace, all of our friends had found each other.

We shopped the variety of food items available and then walked down the street toward the restaurant. We discovered that we had a tad more than one hour to wait, for lunch.

The ladies, Linda, Jackie and Marilyn, decided to leave Jim & I behind and go shopping along Colorado Blvd.

That was ok with us and we waved “So Long” as our ladies walked away, laughing and having a good time.

Jim & I tried to look sad as the gals walked away, but as soon as they turned their backs, we headed for Jorge’s to enjoy one of those fine margaritas.

We had only one but could feel the effect as we walked down the street to meet the gals at the appointed time.

We were seated right away and enjoyed a fine lunch of Chianti Wine, an Antipasto plate large enough for the five of us, Gourmet Pizza cooked in a wood fired oven, and a delicious dessert.

Combine that great food with good company and conversation punctuated with laughter, and it was one of those special times with good friends.

We made a stop at Walmart on the way back to the resort, but were happy to be home by 3:00 or so.

Marilyn & I changed into our comfy clothing, turned the A/C down a bit, and relaxed, watching some golf on TV and reading or working a puzzle.

This has been another fine day. We have another road trip adventure planned for tomorrow and I may not get a blog written.

I promise to try, though. One thing is for sure………………….

Life is Good!

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