The Kimberley Koios' 2010 travel blog

Stayin in the driveway of Milena - a friend of Stan's in South Hedland.

JD: "Dear Dumb Diary,

Yesterday was Dad’s birthday! His present was a book called True Colours by Adam Gilchrist. After the presents we went fishing (it was fun but we caught no fish) then we went on a camel ride (through Cable Beach. We were with a group called Ships Of The Dessert). After the camel ride we stayed at Cable Beach and watched the sunset. After the sunset we went to Matso’s (I had some Broome Bangers [camel meat (without the sweet potato mash and without some others)]. When we got back we had the rocky road slice (there wasn’t any caked that Dad liked at the cake shop, so we got him rocky road slice). By the way, my birthday is in 7 days!

Seeya, Dumb, Dumb, Dumb, Dumb Diary."

JOEL: "Yesterday it was y dad's birthday. First thing we did was go fishing we saw a Sharck (were not shoo) then about twenty minuts later... we saw a Big fish. The second thing we did was go camal riding. My brother got to rid a camall from the movie Australia. They also had relly cold water. The therd thing we did was go watch the sunset. Me and my Brother were fiting as useul. The fourth thing we did was go to matsos for diner (I had fish and chips).

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