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I awoke sometime during the night, and realized that it was a bit chilly in the RV. There was a light, cool, breeze coming in the window beside my head.

I fell back to sleep before I became awake enough to reach up and close the window.

Up at 6:00 this morning, we went outdoors to have our coffee beside the campfire.

About the time our coffee was finished, Ken came out and joined us around the smoke, which had been our campfire.

Marilyn & I decided to get back to our walking routine, at least as much as possible.

We took off to walk our normal route. One and a half miles for me and a bit more for Marilyn.

Back at the RV, we did a few chores and relaxed. I read the e-mail and blogs of friends scattered across the country.

Marilyn fixed a lunch of left-over’s and then went outdoors to sit in the shade and read her book.

I chose to stay inside and watch some of the PGA Championship on TV.

I tired of sitting inside and went back outdoors to play golf on the Wii.

Ken walked over, watched for awhile, and invited us to their place for snacks and a drink around 3:00. We walked together down the hill to where Tony & Jackie are parked, and invited them to join us.

We all got together and enjoyed good conversation, food and drink. Tony & Jackie spoke in depth of life in South Africa, giving us lots of little known history of their native home.

This was very interesting to me as I am reading a book Tony loaned to me, titled “When the Lion Feeds”.

Interesting and a good read. I kidded him about not getting to sleep until nearly midnight now, because of that book.

We are having a wonderful summer and are quite sure that……… Life is Good!

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