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Ed, Tony, Ken and Marilyn

Some of the fish

Greek type salad


Aaah, This is the Life!

Yep! Life is Good!

Guess what! We did not sit by the campfire this morning. We decided not to build a fire and instead sat on the patio sipping our coffee and enjoying the cool, brisk mountain air.

With the coffee finished off, we got busy. Marilyn cleaned inside the RV and had it looking spic & span. (Remember that product?)

I set up the outdoor furniture to get ready for the fish fry scheduled for later.

Ken came over and helped me move the picnic tables.

Once things were ready to go, I jumped into the shower and put on some clean clothing.

Marilyn cooked some onions, zucchini, and yellow squash to serve as a side dish. Jackie & Tony brought a Greek type of salad and a beet salad. Ken & Jean brought corn which tasted as if it were just removed from the cob, and fresh baked bread.

Tony helped me fry the catfish and we had a delicious meal, eaten outdoors in the awesome weather.

We had just finished our meal when we noticed the darkening clouds building up over the mountains.

We scurried around getting things cleaned up and put away as the wind picked up and the temperature dropped 15 to 20 degrees within a short time.

We would have continued with our meal and then played some lawn golf or bowled on the Wii system if the storm had stayed away. However, we had things cleaned up and put away, awnings rolled up, chairs folded and stowed safely under the front of the 5th wheel, and everyone headed home to their own rig by the time the rain began.

It did not rain hard, but the breeze continued to blow fairly hard for some time.

We had plenty of food left over so I guess we’ll have some catfish for dinner tonight as well.

Later in the afternoon, the wind died down and the skies cleared again, with sun shining down from the deep blue sky.

In fact I went back outdoors to play a round of golf on the Wii.

Marilyn relaxed indoors with her sudoku puzzles. I have a good book to read and expect that to occupy most of my evening tonight.

It has been another fine day, which only serves to convince us that Life is Good!

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