Earl and Linda on the Road Again 2010 travel blog

Today barges are still heading for the Pacific Ocean

On our way to take the tour of Pendleton Woolen Mills

Bins of wool threads

Piles of yarns

Pictures of the old mill

This is an award winning blanket

A blanket being woven while we were on tour

This blanket is almost ready for the inspector

Every blanket is inspected for any flaw and if one is found...

This is the only inspector on duty and she examines each blanket...

Today almost all of the windows have been closed in, definately not...

Today we traveled 90 miles

Back on the road on our way to Pendleton, we will be camping at the Wildhorse Casino in a really nice campground. The casino is within walking distance. YAHOO.

We passed by the barges on their way to the Pacific.

After we arrived and set up in the campground we went to The Pendleton Mill, for a tour of the factory. Always interesting to see how different items are manfactured. And what beautiful wool blankets. Nothing matches our style, but really nice.

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