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This was another free day until 4:15 PM. We spent the day doing laundry and writing our journals. It is so easy to get behind and so hard to get caught up. It amazes me how many hours I spend for what seems like so little output. To top it off, there has been no WiFi at our sites for a week. Once I get to a place that has it I will spend hours posting this stuff on-line.

A shuttle bus picked up our whole group at 4:15 and took us to Wildberry Park. Our first stop was in a movie theater where we saw yet another movie about Alaska. The theater was IMAX style but not so big. The popcorn was free for the taking. Each of the movies that we have seen covers the same general theme but each is unique. This movie had a narrator and we followed him all over the state viewing beautiful places and talking about the native cultures. It was well done and enjoyable.

From there we went to the restaurant for dinner. We sat at tables for ten. We were served home style. We started out with salad and hush puppies to die for. Actually the hush puppies were so-so but the honey butter made them exquisite. The main course included baked chicken, beef short ribs, and baked salmon with boiled potatoes. The salmon was heavily breaded with some strange mixture and baked. I could not taste the fish. Everything else was good. The dessert was soft serve ice cream with lots of toppings to chose from. No one left hungry.

After dinner we had time to shop in their huge gift shop. The prime attraction was a two story chocolate falls – very impressive but you were not allowed to sample. They had a large area devoted to a candy counter. The rest was standard stuff. We had been told that we could leave any time and catch one of the shuttle busses back to the park. In actuality there were no busses running and we had to wait for a driver to come and drive the bus. We all went back together at 7:30 and I didn’t hear anyone complain.

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