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Guess where we are?

Rodeo Drive


Where all our money goes!

"THE" picture!!!

NL on the pier in Ventura

Chris on Ventura Pier

Santa Barbara Beach

The cold waters of Pacific at Santa Barbara

Chris on the edge of the Pacific

Up in good time today and off to find the elusive Hollywood sign and such. The traffic is still unbelievable. I can't imagine living here with all the people and cars and buses and inconsiderate drivers!!! While in traffic I did see Tom Cruise - up very close and for a long time. He was on the side of the bus beside me in the traffic jam. We did find the Hollywood sign, right in the area we were last night but guess we couldn't see it in the dark. However, this time we knew what road NOT to go up to get stuck in the mountain. Instead we took another road to get stuck up on the mountain. Except this time we had the camper!!! Not to worry. We are pro's now. We wound our way up the one lane road, found a place for a 3 point turn (ok, so we made it in 15 turns) but we managed and got back down safe and sound with our pictures!

Next was Rodeo Drive. I was going to pick up a little outfit but there was just nothing that really caught my eye!!! Yeah, right. Then it was on to Hollywood Blvd, Sunset Blvd, Hollywood and Vine and Beverly Hills. We stopped at the Clampets but they weren't home. We were also in Bel Air but the Fresh Prince was still sleeping. Next time. We drove behind a Bentley with a lic plate 5MrT. Could it be???

We drove the #1 along the coast and on Ventura Highway. Stopped in Ventura and walked the longest wooden pier. We spoke to some of the guys out fishing and one had a shark. Just a little one about 3ft long. Chris stopped for a fish taco and I watched the surfers.

Next stop was Santa Barbara - now that's a beatiful spot. Walked along the beach and walked in the Pacific, the very COLD Pacific. We then asked Marge (GPS) to take us to San Luis Obispo because Marge always finds us the quickest way. Unfortunately, not always the easiest way. We went via my favorite, the mountains...............NOT!!! We went over and under and in the San Gabriel mountains. I have to admit, it is beautiful scenery, but I'd rather see it in pictures than drive it thanks! Maybe the bikers like it, but hauling a camper and being me, is another story.

We drove along the Pacific in San Luis Obispo where people were camping by the waters edge. Beautiful but full. We drove inland about 8 miles to Santa Margarita - again very hilly. The KOA was closed but you can still go in, park for the night and pay in the morning. We started up a hill and Chris slowed down to look at site numbers.....big mistake. When he then gave it gas the tires started spinning and slid off to the side in a bit of a ditch. Now we were stuck - couldn't go up, couldn't go down. The KOA office was closed so I called CAA. We have basic coverage so they would tow the van but we'd have to pay for the camper. They wanted us to pay from station to station for the towing of the camper as if they had sent 2 trucks. Of course I was having no part of that and began my argument but wasn't winning. A woman came by and said she had seen many people having trouble with the hill as it was sand and pea gravel and just knew someone would get stuck. Yup, we were it!!! She recruited a bunch of campers and we unhooked her, drove the van up, and a guy with a heavy duty truck towed the camper up the hill. Lessons learned - don't slow down on a hill; you don't need to bale if you get stuck, the breaks do hold; CAA is ticking me off!!!

First task was to unwind with a drink - second, set up the camper. Oh oh, water was pouring out of the side of the camper from the pressure relief valve. Forget it, no hot water tonight, we'll look at it tomorrow!

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