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Hey everyone!! I uploaded all of our pics from that day out of convenience on my part, which means there are probably duplicates or it may just get boring so skip through is slowly or quickly as you choose! Toledo is the former capital of Spain before they changed it to Madrid. Pronounced Toe-Lay-Doe (unlike our Ohio version). We trained there and walked a mile or so into the city. Amazing architecture and you can see how it was once a fortress placed next to a river with a massive entry gate. Really beautiful and impressive. Their Cathedral is breathtaking. Built in 1227, it houses treasures aplenty, 72 vaults holding various religious dignitaries. Pictures were not allowed so I tried a few with no flash, they are a bit blurry and do it no justice. We spent almost 3 hours just wandering through it. We also visited the Alcazar, or the Alcatraz as we called it. It is a museum dedicated to the military, weapons and strategies etc. Kelly REALLY enjoyed it!! :) NOT! But it was built on top of an old Roman castle built to defend the city. You can see the base of it in some of the pics. The streets were small and winding and the people far more "locals" than in Madrid. We even had an old man chase us out of his store after we didn't buy anything!! Kelly made a face at him then we ran . . . you see it was a sword store! A great day, exhausting and 98 degrees but really fun, miss everyone.

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