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What an amazing guy...My uncle Charlie!

"The Jocko's experience"

I have no idea what this means!

The packed parking lot

Don't think this guy was on the menu

Real paper placemats

AND...totally amazing steaks!

No trip to the central coast is complete without a visit to...

Delightful tackiness abounds


Susie and "the budster"

Tobin James...Pretty cool place!

We had work to do!

Here comes trouble

Tobin James...Toby to his friends

The crew with Toby

A hog after my own heart

Sounds logical to me

Pastoral view of "my" winery


Kids at heart!

Carolyn running thru the vineyard!

After spending a few days with Debbie in San Clemente we headed up the coast to Pismo Beach. We arrived late in the day on the 5th at Pismo Sands RV Park with just enough daylight to set up. The plan is to spend the day with uncle Charlie and cousin Sherrie and then the next day in Paso Robles for wine tasting with Tim and Carolyn.

We really looked forward to spending a day doing whatever uncle Charlie wanted to do...On the inteniary, an afternoon of "breaking the bank" at Chumash Casino then to dinner at Jocko's.

A word about Jocko's...This is an "absolute throwback to the 60's" dive...paper placemats, old shag carpeting and numerous big game trophies mounted everywhere. We had reservations for 5:30 and the place was PACKED (at 5:30 even!) Standing room only with hungry patrons spilling out onto the sidewalk. The bar was stacked to the ceiling with thirsty diners and after patiently waiting for our table, we were finally seated at around 6:15. This place was WELL WORTH THE WAIT! We were in for a serious meal...Every dime spent was on a delicious meal and certainly not ambiance. All of us ordered Santa Maria style bbq'd steak...Totally amazing!

The next day we met Tim and Carolyn in Paso Robles. They're seasoned vets of Paso wineries and following their lead we visited no less than 6 of the local favorites. We started at Tobin James, where Tobin still spends his weekend days pouring in his great tasting room. "Toby" is a great guy and we really enjoyed meeting him.

Then to Eberle Winery where I had such a bizzare experience.

Apparently I look a lot like Gary Eberle, the owner of the winery. I was sitting outside the tasting room enjoying a cigar when 3 couples approached me like I was an old friend. They thanked me for such hospitality that "I" had shown them on their last visit citing the wonderful barbeque that "I" had hosted. They insisted that I share the meal that they had packed in...It was most uncomfortable...But the food was GREAT! Thanks to Tim for helping me through without giving my true idenity away!

What a fun couple of days!

BTW...About our stay at Pismo Sands...Like it? Not so much!

We just arrived in Stockton for a couple of days on the delta. We will spend the day tomorrow on the river with our friends Mike and Pam Allen...More to follow!

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