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August 1, 2010

Hello To All,

Well, we have made our way back back to Maryville home base. The Cougar and the "Beast" worked together to make the trip uneventful and easy. I noticed that the outside temps neared 100 degrees F as we made our way from the Highland Rim across the Cumberland Plateau and down into the Tennessee Valley of East Tennessee.

Fuel prices seem to a bit higher in Middle Tennessee than here in East Tennessee. Go figure!!! Diesel fuel was going for 2.84/gal on this trip. Fuel prices seem to be about 10 cents higher on the gallon than a year ago. Not bad considering we are in the worst depression since my Daddy was a little boy.

As most of you all know, the main reason we were in Manchester was that Chris's Mom (Ova) passed away. Our entire family really appreciate all the flowers and sympathy passed along during this very stressful time. Thank You so much !!!

Now....Chris and I have decided to head on down to Cordelle, Ga. this October to work the SAMS Train again. If you will remember we worked that train back in the Spring of 2008 for 2 months. The SAMS Excursion Train is operated by the Georgia Department of Natural Resources (DNR) and is stationed at the Georgia Veterans State Park in South Georgia. We hope to make some new friends and see some old friends as well during this time. Plus we want to do some serious camping as well. Maybe take a side trip down into Southern Florida as well on one of our off times.

During the Month of October the SAMS train will host Thomas (the train) the last 2 week ends in Oct. So, that will be interesting as well as a lot of work. Lots of children ride the train during that time. If you are interested in bringing your kids down and riding the train let us know and we will try to help you get tickets as this event sells out fast.

Well...this is a short update and not very exciting to say the least. Thank you for keeping up with us as we travel across this great land of ours. What a tremendous blessing it is to be able to see and experience life this way. Please, continue to keep us in your prayers for safety, and good health.

We love you all!!!!

In Dad's sweet memory.....we continue our adventure......................

Later Alligators,

Archie, Chris and Chad (the wonder dog)

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