To Halifax and Back With a Dog - 48 contiguous states in 2010 travel blog

My pleasant RV Park in Tecumseh, Michigan. Can you see mine?

There was a landing strip directly across the street, but I never...

Indian Creek...Tecumseh, Michigan. Nice

This was kinda exciting to see. Would have VERY exciting had I...


A country highway in Michigan...headin' west.

I am going to miss the cornfields.

Just doesn't look like home, Hunter

Okay, you guys block. Sam's going out for a pass. Hail Mary...

Yeah, I'm really in Granger...but it is simply close to my real destination...South Bend, Indiana and Notre Dame! I want to feel the spirits of the Gipper, the four horsemen and Knute Rockne.

Today was simply a travel day and I didn't get anything else accomplished...other than warn my email addresses about the scam I got. Well...I might as well post it here too in case one of you gets an email from me asking for a loan!

I got what looked like a legitimate email today from someone I've known for many years.

The email "from address" was her personal one and I recognized it immediately.

The email "reply to address" was her work address and I also recognized that one.

'She called me by my first name, said she was in London...robbed...and needed a loan...she'd pay me back as soon as she got home.' was totally bogus. I emailed her back (not a reply, but a brand new email) to her personal address that I had used before and 'she' answered assuring me it was her and was getting very worried. I knew it wasn't her...well, unless she had totally lost her marbles. The correct email addresses really puzzled me. So I called her...

My friend is fine and is happily working on this side of the big pond. Her email addresses had totally been invaded and stolen. She is reporting this ...but I wanted to let you know how real this seemed. Fortunately, I knew my friend and how she would converse with me.

So, if you get that email from me wanting a loan...don't believe a word of it. You can just fax me the money as a gift. :-D

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