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What a view, Biarritz's main beach. World surfing championships have been held...

Another view of the beach, its not very big.

Look close you can see the surfers

Interesting photo. Biarritz having terrible erosion problems.

Biarritz has the most interesting walkways along the beach.

Neat little Island, I went on it and took the next photo...

Surfer's view of Biarritz beach.

I never found out the story behind the crosses.

That house must have the best views of any in Biarritz.

I left Paris at 11pm on a overnight train to Biarritz France(on southern west coast of France). I rode in a 4 bed cabin with only 1 other passenger which was great. I arrived in Biarritz at 7am & immediatly started to look for the Hostel. The map I had was not very detailed and I got lost. I passed a bunch of kids waiting on the school bus & thought of asking for help but figured they would not be able to help me. I saw an older gentlemen near the bus stop and asked him & he could not figure out the map either. Eventualy the kids got involved and soon after I was heading to my hostel, get this just off Jack Kennedy Blvd.

I was immediatley impressed with the Hostel, it was clean and modern with a great party room/full bar and nice bedrooms(2 bunkbeds with shower/bathroom). The hostel is very popular surfer hangout since Biarritz is known for fantastic surfing. I got in the Hostel before check in time so I waited in the party room where I was going to take a nap but discovered a stack of Surfer Girl Magazines, which I had to settle for only looking at the pictures since I do not know French.

I took a tour of the city and found it to be absolutely beautiful. The beaches were little small, the main one being only about 10 blocks of Va beach ocean front. They are having a terrible time keeping erosion from wiping out their beach and thus 2 bull dozers constantly pushing new sand on the beach full time, I never saw them stop.

I tried to find a good place to eat dinner near my hostel, trying 2 restraunt/bars and getting absolutely terrible service, before finding a wonderful restraunt and having a great dinner. I eat at the bar hoping to get some conversation and have found in France thats the only way you won't die of thirst. The Bartender/owner spoke english well with the exception of not knowing the word for duck in english which I eventualy orderd after she made quaking noices to get me to understand what it was, this caused some laughter at the bar. I got back to the Hostel about 10pm and was sad to see the party room/bar did not have any lights on and was closed. I crashed about 11pm.

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