Anne & Graeme's Mobidential Adventures 2009-2010 travel blog

Oregon Beach

Beach. Wooden tree trunks sticking out.

Graeme on beach

Anne wading in Pacific Ocean

Anne on beach

Graeme at McMinnville Aviation Museum

Spruce Goose

Inside the Spruce Goose

Anne in Aviation Museum

the Spruce Goose

SR71 stealth plane

Here we are at "Neskowin Creek RV Resort" in Neskowin OR - small town with very little in it at all, nice little cafe that we went to on Thursday. we are about 10 minutes walk from a very nice beach that looks to be several miles long. We took some pictures so that you can see, the weather is low clouds till about noon and then it starts to burn off although yesterday it didn't clear up until 6:00 pm. The ocean is very cold and ambient temp in the 60's (16 degrees C).


Took a trip into McMinnville to the Evergreen Avaition Museum to see the Howard Hughes Flying Boat the "Spruce Goose" - fantastic plane built out of wood


Anne's birthday today so we are going out to dinner tonight in Lincon City, 10 miles down the road to a nice seafood restaurant. check out the link and the menu here "Black Fish Cafe"

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