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We were up shortly after 6:00 again this morning. That is a terrible thing to do, according to many retired folks. LOL

The normal early morning routine followed with the bird feeders being filled and hung up, the campfire started and the lawn chairs set up next to the campfire.

I wore a sweatshirt when I went outdoors but still went back in to retrieve my cap. Marilyn wore a sweatshirt under a light jacket, to protect her from the chilly, brisk mountain air. The steady breeze made it feel even colder then the 59 degrees on the thermometer.

I don’t mean to make any of you good friends sweltering in the heat, feel badly. Hopefully my description of the brisk morning air will help you to feel a bit cooler.

It seems that every day here is pretty much the same. Crisp, cool mornings with clear or nearly clear skies, followed by a cloud build-up over the mountains, beginning about noon.

The later afternoon skies show darkening clouds and distant thunder, which grows closer as the day turns into evening.

Many evenings bring rain showers early and clearing skies through the nighttime hours.

That is pretty much the routine for this time of year.

I have some pictures to post for you today.

By the time our coffee was finished, the sun had begun to hit us and Marilyn took off the jacket. We decided to take our walk while the cool air was present.

We changed into shorts and a T-shirt and headed out for the walk. Once again, Marilyn continued after I had a mile and a half. She is doing so good and I am proud of her.

I called Jennifer from the office, and talked with her for a bit, then walked up the hill to our site.

I set up the lawn furniture and put the awning out, then dumped the tanks, before going inside to take my shower and dress for the day.

Tony & Jackie were arriving today and we want to prepare a meal for them. We have had many RV friends offer us a meal when we arrive at a Campground or a Resort, after a day of driving and we like to do that for our friends also. It is a nice thing to do and we have always appreciated it so much.

Today, we prepared a simple meal by grilling some pork steak with BBQ sauce, and served it with baked beans and chips. Marilyn fixes some great baked beans with bacon, onions, green pepper, brown sugar, and a bit of BBQ sauce. I like to use the Blues Hog BBQ sauce on pork or chicken that I cook on the grill.

Add a cold beer or other drink and we have a great time.

Tony & Jackie arrived at our site about 5:00 and we enjoyed a cold drink while waiting for the meat to finish on the grill.

We enjoyed the conversation with the food while eating outdoors under the pine trees.

After the meal we cleaned things up and built a campfire.

The four of us sat beside the campfire visiting. Tony and Jackie are so interesting, having lived and worked as a park ranger in several different game preserves in Africa, including the one that I visited in 2006.

When some light rain began to fall we moved under the awning and continued the visiting.

We have plans for tomorrow and I’ll write about that later.

For now, we can all agree that…………..Life is Good!

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