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Views of countryside while on train journey

A gorge

Sometimes you can't get away from home!

Michele at the kiwi house (no pics of them sadly as no...

Coming out of the glow worm cave

Cave from the outside

Shrubbery around caves

Otorohanga and Waitomo Caves

After a very long but incredibly scenic train journey up the west coast of the north island, we arrived at Otoranga to rest our heads and visit the kiwi house. As they are very unique birds and endangered we thought we would do the touristy thing (even though the entrance price was roughly $5 per kiwi bird sighted! (we saw 2!)

No photographs though unfortunately as Kiwis are nocturnal birds, so we visited them in simulated night time and were not allowed to use flash photography. One of Michele's favourite birds we saw was the Kea, the worlds only Alpine parrot, which was a very commical bird, jumping around like mad in it's enclosure trying to check us out.

After looking around at the other birds, we made our move on to nearby Waitomo for a tour of the lime stone caves with huge stalagtites and stalagmites. These were well worth a visit, but alas, again no photography was permitted so you'll just have to visit yourselves one day to sees what they look like! The tour finished with a boat ride through the glow worm caves with literally thousands of glow worms everywhere which was really good (although it seemed like some sort of ride at a theme park but without the music!).

We then headed off to Rotorua.

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