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Monday - July 26, Took Laurie to Costco again this morning & then a good lunch at a mexican restaurant in Strasburg. By the time we got home she was beat so we left & let her rest the balance of the day. Had dinner at the Garden of Eden one more time &, of course, another sundae......yum!!!

Tuesday, July 27 - Dick was supposed to help Mark with screening the rest of the patio but Mark couldn't get off work so we just hung out today & went out to say good-bye tonight. Kay was there so we got to see her but we didn't stay for dinner or anything. Sorta sad to leave as I feel she's no closer to a diagnosis of what's wrong with her health but hopefully the September appt. at Johns Hopkins will give us all some answers.

Wednesday, July 28 - We left Laurie's as planned in the morning about 8ish and got into Gettysburg around noon. Interesting campground, Artillery Ridge, in Gettysburg. Finally after moving 3 times we got a site to our liking (not that we're that fussy) where the satellite will work & wasn't near the horses. They apparently didn't listen well when I made the reservations. Park is older but relatively well-maintained. Close to town so convenient for things to do. RV park gave us free tickets to a Diorama (small scale version of the Battle of Gettysburg) so we checked that out in the afternoon & it was very interesting, especially for Dick who loves US History. Had a late lunch at Friendly's -- good food & WONDERFUL ice cream sundae's.

Thursday, July 29 -Today we took a bus tour of the battlefields. There are like 6000 acres of battlefields & it was wayyyyyy too hot to walk around some of them so the tour was perfect. Good guide, good tour! Lunch at Friendly's again with, of course, another sundae..

Friday, July 30 - We found a grocery store (Giant) this morning for some groceries. Found a pet store for dog food & a new toy for Murphy. We went to the new visitor center in Gettysburg & toured around there including the "Cyclorama " which was amazing to say the least. Had dinner tonight at The Pike......very good except for the crying child!!

Saturday, July 31 - Left Gettysburg & made our way to Springfield, OH for the night. Longggggggg hard day of driving for Dick. Lots of up & down, over & around the mountains through MD, W. VA, PA, etc. Finally stopped about 7:30 p.m. at Tomorrow's Star Resort which was a nice park, just too bad we were so tired to enjoy it.

Sunday, August 1 - Left campground in OH at 7:20 a.m. & pulled into Jerry's yard about 2:30 p.m. We gained an hour once we got into IL. It was a great weather day for traveling & all went well. Got set up ok at Jerry's and went to Turtle's for a tenderloin (Dick's favorite) for dinner. Beck is in MO with girlfriends until Thursday p.m. so won't see her until then.

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