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It was raining when Marilyn & I went to bed last night. The sound of rain on the roof of an RV has to be one of the most soothing sounds in the world.

Sometime after I fell asleep, Marilyn woke me to inform me that the rain had stopped and suggested that I might want to open the window beside my head. She had already opened hers.

We sleep with the comforter folded at the foot of the bed and cover ourselves with a sheet and a light blanket. That is normally all that we need, even with the windows open.

Sometime before daylight this morning we both felt the need for more covers so we pulled the comforter up over the sheet and blanket. We had the covers up around our chin because it had become quite chilly outdoors.

By the time we got out of bed at 6:00, the sun was hitting the mountaintops and it was 57 degrees outdoors. Great!

I was up and dressed in a flash and went outdoors to put the bird feeders out. That created a frenzy of activity for the 20 to 30 hummingbirds waiting in the pine tree next to our RV. LOL

I set up the lawn chairs and built a campfire. We will really miss having a campfire when we leave here. We can have one in Hannibal but the bugs drive you crazy when you sit outdoors for very long.

No campfires are permitted at the resort in Mercedes, Texas.

We sipped our coffee with quiet conversation, watching the dancing flames of our little fire.

We talked of the good times we have had in the company of my brother, Bill, and my sister, Pat.

Bill and I started camping together when I was about 12 years old and Bill was about 10.

I was trusted to take care of my little brother. We were always best friends so that was no problem. We tromped off into the woods without a thought about any danger other than wild animals ready to sneak up on us in the night. We thought a lot about that! LOL

Sometimes another young friend, or several, went with us. It was always a grand adventure!

We didn’t have a tent but used an old army blanket hung over a rope and tied down using rocks or tree limbs. That was our shelter. We used another old army blanket as a sleeping bag.

My brother, being two years younger than I, was pressed into the duties of “Camp Cook”. He became very good at that and improvised whenever he discovered that he had forgotten something. Having forgotten to bring any utensils, he once used a stick to stir pancake batter one morning, not bothering to wipe the dirt and loose bark from it first. That added a bit of spice to the meal. LOL

We took a jar of jelly and ate the pancakes, slathered with butter and jelly, rolled up like a sandwich wrap, picking dirt, bits of dried leaves and small pieces of bark out of our teeth. It was an excellent meal after a nearly sleepless night of swatting insects and keeping the campfire going. The fire was to scare off the wild animals we imagined were just waiting for us to fall asleep so that they could devour us.

As my favorite author, Pat McManus, would say, “It was a Fine and Pleasant Misery!”

My sister, Pat, didn’t camp with us as no girls were allowed, but we have spent some very happy times with her and my brother-in-law Steve, at their home. We only wish we lived closer so that we could share more wonderful times together.

They enjoy camping too, but use a much more civilized approach to "roughing it" than we did as kids.

Excellent memories!

Once the coffee was gone this morning, it was time to get busy.

Marilyn defrosted the freezer, vacuumed the carpet and cleaned the RV, making the bed while she was at it. She also put in a load of laundry and fixed us a nice lunch using a ham steak to make some great ham sandwiches.

I took care of some outside chores, and then re-assembled the desktop computer, using tie-wraps to make the wires and cables much neater. Did I mention that Marilyn hates to have the wires and cables looking similar to a bird nest?

We look forward to a relaxing afternoon outdoors, enjoying the cool mountain weather.

We have friends from South Africa coming tomorrow. Tony & Jackie now live in Florida, and will be staying here for a week.

We will enjoy their company for that time, for sure!

I am posting this early because I have rambled on long enough.

Life is Good!

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