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MONDAY, August 2 -- Whoops! I typed and typed all of the info for this date and when I went to save it as complete the uncooperative site informs me that the link has TIMED OUT!

Now all I have to do is remember what I typed earlier - frustrating!

Well, again, we woke up late, breakfasted and relaxed through most of the morning. Started a load of laundry, then took off for Sturgeon Bay. It sure is convenient to be able to do laundry in our rig and not have to schlep a basket-load of stuff to a laundromat just to find that there aren't any machines available.

Off we went, first stopping at Walmart to develop a batch of our photos and for several supply items. Then we drove to the Lang Store. It's one of Gloria's favorite places - lots of paper goods, candles and nicnacs. This was a serious browse location, so I relaxed with my current read.

Our plan was to stop at Bistro 42 for lunch and go next door to the Door County Winery for a tasting, but when we arrived, we found that the restaurant was closed Mondays and Tuesdays. Decided to skip the winery since we didn't want to imbibe on empty stomachs.

Down the road we went, selecting Carrington's Restaurant as our next stop. Guess what - they too are closed on Mondays. Ok, so it was into Egg Harbor that we returned to where we found that The Bistro (different one) was in fact open for business. Gloria decided to drop in to a little shop next door for a minute before we ate, so I waited outside. After five minutes I strolled in to locate her and found that the LITTLE shop was in fact 6 or 7 co-joined shops and of course she was already back to the rear-most shop. After suggesting that since we were hungry, perhaps we could eat first then she could return for further browsing, she agreed and we finally could eat.

After additional browsing, we returned to the rig for the night.

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