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Beep! I opened one eye and checked the clock, it was 6:20 AM. By the time I figured this out we had a second beep and Bob woke up. I padded over to the propane detector and sure enough there was a red light. By this time we had 2 beeps going. Bob got up to checked and both our propane and carbon monoxide detectors were saying low battery. Not good! He checked the battery indicator in the driver’s compartment and it said that our batteries were dead. We were on 50 amp electric, but the “house” batteries were dead when they were supposed to be charging. Bob dressed and went out to the front of the motor home to check and sure enough one of the batteries had “boiled over”. We knew we had a battery problem back in Virginia, as we only had 8 hours of battery power the night that we stayed at Camping World in Roanoke, we should have had 3 days. Our plan was to replace them later in the year. Oh well, the best laid plans! So Bob turned on the Internet and looked up RV repairs. At this point we also realized that the clock was wrong and at this point it was 8 AM, not 7 AM, which was a different issue. So Bob called a company in Lincoln NE and set up to have the batteries replaced. Our motor home has 3 different set of batteries, these are the deep cell house batteries. So we ate breakfast, packed up and headed west on Rt. 136, then north on Rt. 183 to I-80 east. We cruised through Nebraska farm land with corn and soybean fields, then more of them. Occasionally we saw a crop duster plane flying over the fields. It was a pretty boring drive. We arrived in downtown Lincoln about 1 PM at the RV repair facility. Bob stayed with the motor home and the dogs while I went to the local Walmart Supercenter to grocery shop. I arrived back just as Bob was paying, and we headed west on Rt. 6 to Pawnee State Recreation Area and the Lakeview campground. This was a very nice campground with asphalt roads and sites. We plan to spend the night then continue on to Atchison KS for Bob’s high school reunion.

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