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We were up a bit earlier than usual this morning. The result of that was a 6:00 AM feeding for the birds because that was the first thing I did. I filled the feeders and put them up for the birds.

I then set up the lawn chairs at the fire pit and built a campfire.

By that time I met Marilyn coming out the door with the coffee, so we sat beside the campfire enjoying the peace and tranquility of the early morning. The sun was shining on the mountaintops but didn’t hit us until a few minutes before 7:00.

Once the coffee was finished off, we took off for our morning walk. I called our friends, Jesse & Ginger (Actually it was Jesse’s number that I called). I had a nice visit with Jesse and then called Dennis & Sonja, and spoke to Sonja for a few minutes.

Back at the Rv we cleaned things up, made the bed, and took our showers.

We drove into Penrose to mail a book to my cousin, Mary, and then stopped for lunch at the place where they give you such huge servings. The lunch special was taco burgers and cheese nachos. When the meal came, there were two large taco burgers on each plate, along with a large order of nachos. One lunch would have easily been quite enough for the two of us.

We waddled out to the truck and drove a short distance, then stopped to fuel up with diesel fuel at $2.929 per gallon.

We then drove into Canon City where the outdoor temperature had climbed into the 90’s.

We did our grocery shopping at Walmart, spending more than we planned, and then walked back out into the stifling heat. It was 96 degrees in Canon City when we left for the drive back into the mountains and our home at Mountaindale.

We were delighted to notice that the temperature at the resort was only 86 degrees, a full 9 degrees cooler than in Canon City.

Marilyn put the groceries away and went outdoors to sit in the nice breeze and read her book.

We laughed about the fact that both of us were still stuffed from that lunch and decided that we should just have some popcorn for dinner.

We hope to have a quiet day tomorrow, but for today, It has been busy but really nice!

Man………..Life is Good!

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