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The mosquitos greeted us with a fervor we had thus far not seen on this trip. The walk in the forest turned into a run which turned into a quick exit and a count of how many new bumps we had on our legs!

Julia went to the pharmacy and got some insect repellent. The next day, the mosquitos buzzed our ears constantly but we were enjoying the hike in Gaujas National Park until we lost the trail and then the hike became a little less enjoyable.

The next day, Tomas, on a moutain bike could not follow the trail on the other side of the river and ended up 10 km past the turn he intended to take. Either we have lost all sense of bearings or the trails need a bit better signage and the maps could use some updating. We're hoping it is the latter.

Now this guesthouse had an immaculate garden, a BBQ grill and charcoal. We were ecstatic. Two nights, two BBQ's, two mexican themed dinners and Julia was in heaven. Tomas was able to watch the end of the Tour de France and chat with his new cycling friend from Turkey. We needed a few more days here! So we changed to the only available space left - two single rooms. After nearly 8 months joined at the hip, we were spending a night in seperate rooms. It felt there was a lot more distance than the 10 steps between rooms. But we survived and before we knew it, it was time to head to Tallinn. We had another country to see and a flight to catch!


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