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Burlington Carousel

Original paint on the animals

Signed and Dated!!

Three giraffes

Great Horses

Glenwood Hot Springs Lawn

Glenwood Hot Springs panorama

Para-sailing near Hwy 70

And, he misses the power lines!!

A beautiful Plains House

Rafting the river rapids

As we hooked up to leave Moab, Ed says, “Judie, we have a problem”. Never a good thing to say, you know. The electric tongue jack was not willing to lift up, and Ed diagnosed the problem as a gear failure, not an electrical failure. He jacked the trailer up (we were already connected to the truck), and removed the tongue jack. So, we were now on the way to Colorado!

Ed did a little calling to RV parts stores in Grand Junction while the dogs and Judie visited the vet in Petsmart for routine medications and treats. The new electric jack would be delivered early on Tuesday. We found a nice Park near the Colorado Monument and cooled off in their pool. There was no unhooking the trailer that night! Actually, we have not unhooked most of this week, and this is Friday. We have realized that it’s a lot of effort to drop the trailer if we are really traveling each day, which has been the case this week.

Back to the jack story, Ed decided to install it in their parking lot to make sure it had all the parts and worked before we left Grand Junction.

Our next day took us thru Western Colorado to Gypsum. We spent two nights there so we could visit Glenwood Springs. This is a huge hot springs and tourist area. The pools are the length of two city blocks and have a variety of temperatures. We walked around the area and had lunch, but chose not to pay the fees to soak for an hour. It would be worth it if you wanted to spend the entire day there. We did enjoy driving rain and thunderstorms both evenings we were in Gypsum. We enjoyed the views in the park, as it is on the banks of the Eagle River. This area is popular for river rafting and tubing and we enjoyed watching all the river activity.

The trip from Gypsum to Limon was eventful in the number of grades along Hwy 70. We had been warned about the severity of these grades and were anticipating them. The elevation of the road ranges from 6,000 feet to almost 12,000 feet and the grades can be 6-8 percent up or down. As we approached Denver, the co-pilot (that would be Judie) found I-470 on the map and we were able to miss all of Denver. Ed and Judie appreciated that, but, the GPS kept trying to ‘recalculate’ to make us ‘enjoy the pleasure’ of urban driving. We stayed at a KOA in Limon, Co. overnight as we rejoined Hwy 70.

The little town of Burlington, Co. is known for its carousel and we wanted to see that. This carousel is 105 years old and has been in Burlington since 1924. The docent also told us that 90-95% of the paint on the animals is the original paint. This carousel is known as a ‘menagerie’ carousel as it has a large variety of animals.

As luck would have it, the carousel is on the fairgrounds, and the county fair was in session. We enjoyed walking thru the livestock barns and the poultry/rabbit barn. The fair compares in size to the MacArthur Fair in Shasta County. To walk thru a fair again was really exciting for us.

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