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Dianna and Rick at the mandatory, boring muster.

Bill had to be a yutz for this pic!

The Rices getting fully immersed in the experience!

Rices and Schwartzes on deck as the Sea Princess slides under the...

Rick and Bill on deck as the Golden Gate Bridge is left...

Well, today is Bill's 70th birthday and what a wonderful day it is!

We Board the Sea Princess around 11 this morning and set off for Alaska. (Believe it or not, I THINK that's the ship . . . not sure because I have the paperwork in my purse and can't get to it right now.)

Don't know why I'm so excited about this cruise. Most of you know we've been cruising like crazy the last few years since Jeff got the job at Princess. You'd think it would be a HO HUM by now. But it's not. Excited about the balcony, excited about cruising with Dianna and Rick, maybe even excited because I know this is the last cruise for perhaps a very long time so I'm determined to enjoy every second of it. Whatever it is, I'm EXCITED!

I'm well prepared to keep my bad right hip from ruining the trip. Got my crutches, cane with a seat (thanks to Jan Roth, the dear!) and lots of pain meds. Nothing is going to ruin these next ten days. I'll deal with the hip when I get back. For now, it's fun fun fun!

These last couple of days with my sister-in-law Debbie and niece and nephew, Jaci and Josh, have been wonderful. Played a wicked game of scrabble on Thursday evening and lost to Deb by maybe three points. Josh, however, beat the living daylights out of both of us. I think his score was higher than Deb's and mine combined! I loved it . . . nothing like good competition in scrabble. (Maybe that's one reason I'm excited about the trip . . . Rick plays a great game of scrabble and there are lots of at-sea days on this cruise.)

Last night Deb made a wonderful Shabbat dinner and invited her Rabbi and various other people from her Synagogue. It was a VERY lively group and the discussions were stimulating. Bill and I had a ball! Debbie lit the Shabbat candles using my mother's candlesticks . . . candlesticks that I remember my mother using for at least the past 57 years. I could feel my mom's presence in the room.

So, almost time to pull the birthday boy out of bed, start packing our stuff and head out to the pier in San Francisco.

Stay tuned!

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