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At the overlook waiting for a tidal bore

Lots of road edges missing

Here comes a Zodiac

More boats arriving

We were actually parked at Urbania, which isn't far from Maitland. We were on another really bad road to get to the RV Park and were told in the office that their road hadn't been paved in 40 years and I believe it. It was repair on top of repair on top of repair and great hunks of it were missing. We had only one night at this spot and were there to try to see a tidal bore. The young woman in the office told us we could see a bore right on their property and gave us the time to be there. We walked quite a distance to get to the river overlook and were there in plenty of time to see whatever was going to occur. We waited and waited and waited and waited. Since we'd never seen a tidal bore before, I don't think we really quite knew what to look for, but we were pretty sure it hadn't occurred. After waiting almost an hour, we gave it up and went back to the motor home. It was a hot, hot day and we were tired of waiting. We should have waited five minutes longer. The other couples had driven to another place and were rewarded. We should have gone with them. We did get to watch many zodiac boats go up the river. That should have been an indication that something was going to happen. We left the next morning and took a different route than planned, because of the condition of the road.

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