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Lovely campground in Bayfield CO, after leaving Santa Fe, on the way...

Ian and Brownie the campground llama contemplate each other.

From Taos we drove down to Albuquerque.

I don’t have much to say about Albuquerque because we really didn’t do too much there. Mainly it was somewhere to spend a couple of days, get some new tires for the trailer, check out a table we had seen in someone else’s rig and thought we wanted (they bought it in Albuquerque) and visit with Ian’s two half-sisters, who live in or near Albuquerque. And we did all that. The tire story was a drama I won’t go into, but we got three new tires – we need more but that was what was available. The table, although tempting, turned out to be too expensive for what we wanted, so we passed on it. The visit with Suzy and Liza, Ian’s sisters, and Steven, Suzy’s husband, was fun and involved some of the best Thai food we’ve had (although our experience with that cuisine is limited). We don’t get the chance to visit with them more than once a year or so (and lately less frequently, it seems) and we always enjoy hearing what they’re up to. In fact, I had so much fun that, although I had the camera with me, I forgot to take pictures.

Santa Fe was, to paraphrase the poet, “wine, friends and song”. Our main objective was to attend two concerts of the current festival season of the Santa Fe Desert Chorale . When we spent summers and more there earlier this decade, we became very involved with the Desert Chorale because, as enthusiastic but very amateur choral singers ourselves, we loved their music and we made many friends in the organization. We even both served on the Board of Directors for three years, during two of which Margaret served as President. They have a new Music Director and we were anxious to hear what he has done with some familiar and many new singers. So, since we were in the area (sort of) at the right time, we detoured to spend the first full week of the season in Santa Fe. And we’re very glad we did. The Chorale sounds wonderful, we like the new Music Director very much and, as a bonus, we had a chance to spend some time with old friends and some new ones – involving some old favorite restaurants and a wonderful new one. We had a great time, with lots of laughs (and a few tears – the music was really moving at times) and it was a great way to relax before beginning our trip northward.

From Santa Fe we moved northward to Bayfield CO, where we spent one night in a lovely campground (the Pine Riverside RV Camp – they don’t have a website, apparently). We’d love to spend more time there sometime, but . . . the road calls. After Bayfield, we moved on to Moab UT to spend a couple of days – after all, it‘s on the way, it’s one of our favorite places and we didn’t really want a full week of one-night stands on our way to Glacier. From there we will go straight (well, almost – in 200-mile increments) to Polson MT where we will meet cyber-friends Steven Dempsey and Linda Davey. We’ve become acquainted through mutual friends and Facebook and we are looking forward to meeting them in person.

The next post will be about Moab, where we had a fabulous time, but it will take a while to process all the pictures!

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