2010 Race 2 Finish travel blog

driving through Winnipeg - downtown




heading west out of town

the Trans Canadian Highway


do you think we're on the prairie now?

well it sure ain't the Canadian Rockies!

it's good to see wheat fields again!




this is rich farmland

black soil that will support many crops

farm equipment takes up a lot of room on the roads

but there is a lot of room on the roads




there is also the occasional train

this one has a pusher as well as a puller



all that dust is being raised by a truck speeding down a...

if you get tired of looking at wheat they plant sunflowers too

and who could get tired of looking at these?


another train


cattle are a cash crop too

another wide load



we're heading north now and towns are small and far apart


the landscape is hilly here



looks like mustard but it's a field of canola

Back in the land of sunflowers and wheat


We left Winnipeg today, heading west on Trans Canada Highway 1.

It was soon obvious that we’ve arrived at the prairie. If you see trees here it means there’s a river or a lake. Otherwise the land is flat and unbroken for as far as the eye can see. This is farmland, where the Canadian Shield lies buried under rich black soil. The crops are wheat and corn and sometimes a field of sunflowers. If there’s monotony we don’t see it - we see nothing but beauty. The prairie is not unlike the ocean and it's easy to see why settlers called their wagons ‘schooners’.

After an hour we turned north, paralleling Manitoba’s border with Saskatchewan. Our destination is the town of Flin Flon, another day’s drive to the north. But we came here to see the country and we’re in no particular hurry. We took a campsite for the night at Clear Lake. This weekend is a provincial holiday and the campground is booked solid. They could only take us for one night - but that’s all we wanted anyway. Tomorrow we’ll be moving on.

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