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On the road again . . .

pretty fields stretch out on both sides of the road

Crossing the Missouri River

same RR bridge across Missouri River - its very wide!

another fuel stop, this time in Chamberlin, SD

Love the SD rest areas -

At the SD info center - on our way out . ....

Boy, we've never seen so many "State" things . . .

doesn't show up very well, but these were piles of RED dirt...

some red roadway

more pretty fields

Don't quite understand this sign in Luverne, MN

these were huge wind turbines near the hwy -


Thursday, Day 43

I look back at previous entries & am shocked at some of my mistakes – usually do the entries pretty late at night – but gosh – I will sure have fun getting everything right once we get home & I get caught up on sleep! Some of what I see are goofy things the Good Sam site does too – I am still learning on that & finding ways to get around some of its quirky little ways! Well, probably only a couple more days of journals on the go – we expect to be home on Sunday nite – if all goes as planned.

Leaving Belvidere KOA, loved the campground, very nice people. We had breakfast at their small café before we left town, it was good & very reasonable. We had some thunder in the distance last nite, but nothing too major – just all nite rain! It was down to a lite drizzle when we went for breakfast, then dumped on us just as we left the building – hard to hurry (I won’t even attempt running) w/a foam container of breakfast & coffee in my hands – along w/a folded umbrella that I couldn’t use because I had so much to carry. Ron ran on ahead & had the door open for me at least.

Before we left the campground I had an interesting conversation w/an elderly gentleman. He was coming from his shower & greeted me w/”Good morning smilie”. We chatted for a minute & I asked where he was from (they were camped right next to us in a van conversion camper). He said they were on a perpetual honeymoon, both had lost spouses, they had known each other for years & have been married for 5 mos. I asked where home was & he laughed, said it’s wherever they park – they’d sold everything & were traveling where the road takes them . . . they want to see the USA! He was such a sweet fellow (probably ~80) w/a great smile - but I did have to keep from laughing at the 2 of us standing there talking. He didn’t have a shirt on yet & the top of his undershorts was pulled up over his belt – I am sure we made quite a sight! In a couple of mins. we went our separate ways. Sure do meet the greatest people when RVing! I sure wish them well, living in such tight quarters is hard . . . but love can conquer all things. It was a good way to start the day.

We soon crossed time zones – now on Central Time! Drove thru showers & hard rain off & on most of the day – by the time we got to Albert Lea it was getting much brighter & hotter. Had a variety of terrain today, from gentle rolling to large hills – but no mountains or glaciers to be seen! Traveled thru lots of large ranch & farm country – the crops look good – mostly corn, beans & hay – they’ve had a lot of rain & there are some low areas that are just mud w/some standing water.

Passing thru Vivian we encountered dry roads, but very strong winds which tried to push us side-ways on the highway. Tough driving conditions. Past the exit for the town of Winner, SD & then Presho – we camped there several years ago at the New Frontier RV Park, had our stormiest night ever there – but the campground was nice w/fantastic log restrooms - we spent 4 hrs in the women's restroom until tornados W & N of us passed thru!

Crossed the Missouri River at Chamberlin, it is very wide here (probably a dam nearby) – we’ve always come from the E before – love the rest area on the SE side of the hwy – Lewis & Clark history center – great place for a good break (one of our favorites), w/an awesome view of the river. In my mind I see the fear on the faces of the families going down that steep cliff in their wagons – it is very steep in today’s “buggies” – on good highway! Got gas in Chamberlin: $2.89/gal = $66.22 (87 octane still).

Went past Mitchell, SD – home of the "World’s Only Corn Palace". We’ve seen it twice before, so passed by today – but it is quite a place. This whole area is big sky country, we can see forever – and all we see is grey clouds – at home we see a storm a few mins. before it hits us – here they can see it for a day or more before! Encountered a really long construction zone after Mitchell & E of Mitchell we crossed the James River, it is very high – over the banks.

Took a 10 min rest stop w of Salem/Yankton – the rain even let up for a few minutes so we could walk around. No wind & the temperature is quite comfortable. Stopped again for gas in Luverne, MN - $2.69/gal = $56.05, saw a turkey along the hwy right after getting back on I-90. Little town of Welcome had 2 huge wind turbines near the hwy – they are pretty cool – so big! This is really nice farm country.

Past Blue Earth – home of the Jolly Green Giant – he stands 60 ft tall over the farm fields.

Stopped in Albert Lea at the little mall right off I-90. We walked for a bit & then ordered pizza to go, it’s still early for dinner (by Mountain Time)!!! Just a few miles down the road we checked into our 2nd KOA Kampground – at Albert Lea/Austin. We pulled off the hwy onto what appears to be a little farm road, down a tree lined gravel road to the Kampground – we were saying how nice it was that we wouldn’t hear the hwy traffic tonight, when we realized that we had come almost full circle & were right next to the hwy! Well, at least we haven’t heard any major plane or train noise! Haven’t had any rain all evening – even ate dinner on the picnic table w/grass under our feet. This is also a very nice place w/very friendly people. The fellow that helped us to our site, was saying that yesterday they had 2 storm fronts move thru – w/50 mph winds – glad we missed that excitement! It was quite hot when we got here, but it’s now almost 1 AM (CT) & has cooled down pretty good.

Our day is going to start out pretty relaxed in the morning – we plan to have a "special" breakfast in Austin, MN, see their “special” museum & then drive over 300 miles thru mostly farm country to Door County, WI. It will be a long day. . . We have been thru the Austin area several times on our travels – but never timed it right for the museum, which Ron is quite interested in. So we are delaying our departure from the area until after we tour the museum – which doesn’t open until 10 am (bummer!!!) – don’t think it will take us too long to do the tour tho.

Question for the Grandkids – What is Austin, Minnesota famous for??? Ron loves it – me not so much. Have you ever tried it? I cannot believe they have a museum to honor this “All American” item!

Good nite all

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