Nancylynn and Chris do Route 66 travel blog

Chris making history

NL making history and leaving her heart - in blue!

Caddies buried in the field.


Roadside saloon

Old Gas Station that was there when it was a dirt road,...

Old Bicycle

Midpoint 1379 to Chicago one way, 1379 to LA the other

Which way to go?

The vehicle we almost redesigned

Motel in Albuquerque

The view

Getting gas...............again

Bad Drivers

Yes, we both saw it.


View to the left

View to the right



What I do at night

Started the day with leftovers for breakfast (fridge clean out) and a browse in the KOA shop. On the road starting with 76 degrees. First stop was Cadillac Ranch, 10 Caddies buried nose down in the ground in a farmers field. They are all painted and there is spray cans to add your own design and become a part of history. I left my heart on Caddie number 6. So if you ever go there, look me up. Drove on through Wildorado where there were miles and miles of cows. It looked to me like a sea of steak and we were without our steak knives!!! Damn! The county has 2300 people and 28,000 cows on that one farm! At 11 am it was hitting 83 degrees. Stopped At Vega TX to sea an old gas station that operated when the road was a dirt trail, the Ozark Trail. This eventually became Route 66. At noon we hit the midway point of Route 66 = 1379 miles to Chicago one way, 1379 to LA the other. Hit the border of New Mexico, the land of enchantment at 1, crossing another time zone. Gained another hour. Dove through Tucumcari, NM and it's such a shame to see all the old restaurants, shops, barbers, gas stations etc all boarded up. Many of them still have the old signs out but that's about all that's left of them. But it's enough to show what it was like travelling through years ago. The landscape is flat for miles and miles, then mountainess with valleys. Had about 15 minutes of rain in the afternoon but nothing like we've had. Just a quick shower. We finally saw inhabitants along the way! It looked like a subdivision but nothing like ours. When we overlook subdivisions we see a sea of roofs. Here, the houses are so far apart you couldn't even yell to the neighbour. (Chicken me - I wouldn't like that. I like to know if I yell, that someone will hear me!!!) It became very mountainess with signs of extreme crosswinds. Not too keen on that. I hope my angel is still watching over us. I'm sure she is. Thanks. It is beautiful though but I know the pictures just don't do it justice. Saw "bubbles" in the side of the camper and wondered if we had a leak. Stopped in at another RV shop and he didn't think it was water as we have no signs of leaks inside. He thinks it is "de-laminating", a common thing to happen when you have high heat, humidity and change in temperature. Nothing to worry about but we picked up some sealant for the roof and will have to get up there and re-seal it all. Had a bit of a scare getting out of Albuquerque. We were following Route 66 which isn't very well marked and sometimes you're guessing. Well we guessed wrong and came to a dead end. Thought we'd see what Marge (the GPS) had to say and she had us make a left. Done. We then came to a sign saying no exit and it was taking us into the Municipal Detention Centre. Made a quick right!!! I was feeling a bit spooked already when a motor bike came towards us waving us to turn around. Following him was a pick up truck driving like a bat out of hell. OMG....there must be a problem at the jail, they're rioting, or escaping! We rolled up the windows, locked the doors and did a quick U turn. Forget route 66 for now - hop on the 40. Whew. All safe. Got to our campsite at 7, just a little spot an old couple run. Very friendly and the place is clean with everything we need. And only $17.00!!! What a bargain! Had a dinner of Tube Steak and salad. Fresh strawberries will be later! mmmmmm........good! Notables - Can't believe the number of firework warehouses along the highways. Right from Michigan to New Mexico. Also, can't believe there are no helmet laws here. People riding motorbikes doing 75 mph and no helmets!!! One more notable - Chris has a heavy foot (as do I but NOT when hauling the camper!!) and I'm sure for the next 2 months he will be haunted in his sleep hearing "speed", "we're not in a race", "there's no prize money at the end", "we're creeping", "slow down please", "do you wanna live?". I should have made a recording in case I fall asleep during the drive and put it on auto play every 3 minutes!!!

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