Yellowstone and Mount Rushmore Summer 2010 travel blog

OK since I posted last we arrived at Fort Lewis and got our campsite.

Tuesday I went out to the golf course and had a great day. My score was not the best but to be out on such a wonderful course where the pine trees lined the fairways and the greens were outstanding. After golfing we took a drive over to the main side of the post, that is what the army calls the base, and stopped by the exchange and commissary. (That's like the walmart and vons)

Wednesday I took the truck into the Ford dealership to see if they could fix the whistle sound the engine was making. They found a crack in a pipe leading up to the turbocharger and could fix it in a couple of days. Well I must tell you I am on the line on this one because if it is not done on Friday we are in a world of hurt. The park is full every night and I am sure they have someone planned on this spot when we leave. The service adviser says he is doing everything to have it completed on Friday. I have my fingers crossed >>>>>

ThursdayI went out this morning to rent a car for the two days. I figured I might as well see some of the things and do what I had planned. Hopefully I will post Friday night all is well and Saturday we will be moving on.

I have posted more pictures on the web.

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