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Honolulu - International Market Place - Don and Verbena Landers

Honolulu - International Market Place - Samoan Women

Honolulu - International Market Place - Coconut Carvings

Honolulu - International Market Place - Outdoor Stalls

Honolulu - International Market Place

Laie Point - Glenda Alexander

Laie Point – Fisher

Laie Point – Surf

Laie - Mormon Temple

Laie - Mormon Temple entrance

Laie - Mormon Temple grounds

Laie - Brigham Young University

Kahuku - Old sugar mill (1880-1971) being remodeled for museum

Kahuku - Banana Trees

Waimea - Puu O Makuha State Monument - Ancient worship grounds

Waimea - Puu O Makuha State Monument

Waimea - Puu O Makuha State Monument - Prayers (Ti leaves around...

Waimea - Puu O Makuha State Monument - Glenda Alexander by ti...

Kolekole Pass which Japanese planes flew through to reach Pearl Harbor

Oahu - Pineapple workers

Wahiawa - Kukaniloko (Place of the Sacred Birth Stones)


On July 14 our tour group returned to Honolulu for our farewell banquet. I didn’t participate in those festivities because my cousin, Verbena, and her husband, Don Landers, were coming to get me. I would be spending the next four days with them in Wahiawa, which is about twenty miles from Honolulu. Don is the pastor of a church so, during the week end we stayed close to home so they could take care of their pastoral duties.

Today they had time to take me to some places off the usual tourist paths. That’s one of the major benefits of visiting a place where relatives or friends live.

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