Roger & Maggie At Large 2010 travel blog

As usual, miles and miles to cover in pursuit of a "gooey"...

Roger is nostalgic. He has countless stories to tell about the few...

You can just barely see Dande Girl out this marina restaurant window....

Bowen's Wharf and Marina. Where it's happening!

Newport has been a wonderfully exciting place to stop. Roger says it has changed very much from the working seaport it was when he was here in the 60s as a young Naval Seaman. In fact he says I wouldn't be able to walk around, browsing in shops and eating ice cream cones by myself. There still are lots of tattoo parlors here however. Roger finally found a restaurant that serves one of his favorite dishes... quahogs (round clams).

We went to a movie the other night, in a small, old cinema building that still has the old organ in the front corner. No air conditioning but huge, powerful whole house fans that just about dried your eyes out. We saw Girl who plays with fire, a Swedish film based on a series of books Roger read. It was a thriller and we weren't even distracted by the subtitles. This afternoon we are going to see the other film in the series, Girl with the dragon tattoo. I can't wait. We love the matinee experience with popcorn and sodas... yum!

Yesterday Roger had a mechanic install two new engine room exhaust blowers. One of the old blowers was the culprit, back in Sag Harbor, when Maggie got totally upset, and nearly out of her mind, when the cabin filled with electrical fumes and we couldn't figure out what it was. The cabin aired out after a while and no trace of what it was. That bothered Roger by that time. When we moved the boat to Newport and Roger tried to use the exhaust fans he was relieved to discover the source of the fumes. Another job well done.

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