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View from the Top - barely see the valley!

Valley finally coming into view

Beautiful Tunnel carved out of the rocks

Beautiful Cactus Flower

Karen debating a swim at the top!

Top of the Waterfalls area

Looking straight down into the valley

Waterfalls from the bottom


Beautiful Lush Base

We finally did a "serious" hike!! Dixie wanted us to experience a place called "Upper Calf Creek" in the Grand Staircase National Monument near Escalante. Wow.... what a beautiful place to hike!

When we drove the RV to Capitol Reef several months ago, we went right past this area, but didn't even know it existed at the time. We borrowed Dixie's car and drove about 60 miles into the Grand Staircase to get to this hike. It is marked by a large boulder between mile marker 80 and 81. As we come up to the marker, there is a tiny dirt road off to the same side.... well, can't take a car in there.... we'd lose the exhaust or trans for sure!

After parking on the shoulder and loading up our gear.... Karen packs extremely well for a hike.... I would just go!!!! It pays though... water, snacks, more water, etc!! She's soo good!!!

Dixie warned us to be sure to look behind us as we descended into the valley, on our way to Upper Calf Creek. She was soo right! The shear rocks that we came down all looked similar and 3 - 4 hours later, trying to climb back out could lead us a mile from the car - yech!

We tried to follow those little rock formations called "cairns" that help you have a guide to follow both into and out of the hike. There are no "trails" to follow..... We are now climbing down into a valley about 1200 - 1500 feet!!! As we are climbing down we can see the lush valley and tops of the trees...... it is just such an awesome site....

After about 2 hours, we get to the waterfalls that are the upper part of "Upper Calf Creek".... just an incredible vista...... about a 300 ft waterfall with some pools up at the top and of course a large pool at the bottom that feeds the lush valley below......

After eating a wonderful snack "Catered by Karen", we then journey down the cliffs to the bottom to see the base of the waterfall and pools...... just beautiful!!!

Finally, we decided to leave paradise and hike back out..... OMG!!!!! We were EXHAUSTED!! The climb out and back to the TOP (where the car was!!) was very strenuous, to say the least..... The shear rock cliffs we had to climb back up were very unforgiving..... just keep climbing and climbing and climbing!!!! WHEW!!!!!!!!!!! When we finally got to the car, we had just taken our hiking boots off and swung the doors closed when it POURED!!! We were racing dark rain clouds up the mountain.... probably what got us up to the top!!

When we got back we told Dixie it would've been easier to just fire us!!!!! We almost died anyway!!!!!

Unfortunately, we forgot our camera and these photos are from my Droid phone!!

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