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Today we visited the Fairview Cemetery in Halifax. One hundred and twenty-one victims of the RMS Titanic sinking are interred at Fairview, more than any other cemetery in the world. Most of them are memorialized with a small gray granite marker giving their name and date of death. Some families paid for larger markers with more inscriptions. The occupants of a third of the graves, however, have never been identified and their markers contain just their date of death and marker number.

Surveyor E. W. Christie laid out three long lines of graves in gentle curves following the contours of the sloping site. By co-incidence, the curved shape suggests the outline of the bow of a ship. One of the Titanic markers was for unidentified child victims. The marker bears the inscription 'Erected to the memory of an unknown child whose remains were recovered after the disaster of the "Titanic" April 15th 1912'.

A grave marked "J. Dawson" gained brief fame following the release of the 1997 film Titanic, since the name of Leonardo DiCaprio's character in the film was Jack Dawson. In fact the grave belongs to Joseph Dawson, an Irishman who worked in Titanic's boiler room as a coal trimmer. Film director James Cameron has said the character's name was not inspired by the grave. Many filmgoers, moved by the story, left flowers and ticket stubs at Dawson's grave when the film was first released.

It was an awesome place to visit. I am adding a lot of photos, please excuse the glare from the sun facing the camera. More later from Nova Scotia.

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