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Seed Company garden from tower, many wedding pictures are taken here

Seed Company Stars from Tower

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Yellow Flowers

Japanese Garden

As everyone says when an amusement park ride takes off, “Here we go…” We had expected to start this adventure sooner, but Mark had some eye surgery we hadn’t planned on, so we got a later start. He is doing fine and the Dr. said he should start seeing results in about a month.

We arrived at Morgan Hill Fri. Mark driving the motor home and pulling the Flex, while I followed along in the van. We were expecting the hot weather here and knew it would be a real adjustment for us. We are use to temperatures in the 70s that we typically get on the Central Coast of CA, boy were we right. Today is the first day the high has been less than 100 degrees [98] and that helped. We do have air conditioning in the motor home, but when the campground is busy over the weekend the electricity goes off with regularity and then the fans don’t even work.

Our daughter Anne, her friend Gillian, and Mishka [Anne’s St. Bernard] came over from Santa Cruz and had dinner with us Sat. night. No I didn’t cook it was just tooooo hot, we had salads with crusty bread and fresh corn on the cob done in the microwave [thank you Kristin for teaching me that nifty trick, I haven’t done any corn in a pot of water since that tip came my way.] We turned the keys to the van over to Anne hoping she enjoys it as much as we have. It has 102,000 miles on it, but seems to still be going strong, and should serve her well.

Monday we were up at 6 a.m. [this is retirement?] to take the motor home in to get a washer/dryer combo installed. We knew we were going to add this and the motor home came wired and plumbed for it, but we didn’t want to do it until we were using the motor home fulltime. We wanted to get the most from our warranty, rather than have it expire in our driveway as we only used the motor home on short trips and didn’t need a washer. When we took the motor home in to be evaluated for the job on our way into Morgan Hill they measured the doorways and sure enough they weren’t big enough to get the tiny washer through. It was going to have to come in through the window in the bedroom, the window is well above my head from the outside and the washer weighs 148 pounds. Doesn’t sound like fun to me. When we got there today, he said he was going to try taking the cabinet off and see if it would fit through the doors that way. The installer was gone to lunch when we picked up the motor home and there was no charge on the bill for removing the window, so we are guessing it went up five steps, through the door, up and over the riders seat, over the corner of the dinette seat and counter, through a second door and behind the louvered doors to the cupboard it fits in, but only after they removed the facing from the cabinet.

While they were doing the install, Mark and I went to breakfast, bought him some shoes and then went to Syngenya Flowers. This is a seed company and the public areas were such a mix of varieties, I have to assume they are for show only and not where the heart of the business is. The public areas are small, but beautiful and we were free to wander and take pictures. There was even an observation platform that we took some pictures from. We were up and moving early so the heat was not bad yet, though the flowers did show some of the effects from the heat wave. They also had a small pond and waterfall with a Japanese maple that was very inviting. The green houses were off limits and probably where the various plants are developed for their seeds.

Until next time…

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