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The forecast looked average- meaning temperature were in double figures and heavy rain was unlikely so in UK fashion it was all clear for Annie and myself to load up the car and headed to a campsite near Abergavenny. We were meet by her friends- a untraditional family of five. The site was on a farm where sheep inhabit during less tourist season. I enjoyed the quiet, fresh air and having only a choice of talking reading or walking as activities. There were no flushing toilets or running water but I suppose it is not worth it when the conditions for camping are so infrequent. Still it is beautiful green countryside like New Zealand, especially the Mighty Waikato. Saturday we took a 3 hour stroll to a beautiful Priory; it had plenty of garden space and ruins for the kids to explore. It was clear when we got to the top of the mountain the contrast of the patchwork refined nature of the English farms compared to the rugged Welsh landscape. Saturday evening was welcomed with a camp fire and BBQ. After a leisurely pack-up on Sunday we made a beeline for a sweet pub that produced an excellent roast. I guess all that is left of the weekend is to sort myself out of work tomorrow. It has been more relaxed at school since it is the extended school year and only some students attend. They are fortunate that they have the extra three weeks funded so the don't deteriorate in function.

Signing off till my next adventure

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