Wandering Wights 2010 travel blog

Athabascan shelter

Russian River Falls

fisherpeople at the confluence of the Russian and Kenai rivers

Kenai Lake

Molly Sparrow and her trusty dog

Today we found an Athabascan shelter just off our campsite. It was well made and the dug out part was lined with straw. The poles were lashed together and pines branches covered with straw made up the top. It was out of the wind. We went to Deep Creek and saw a guy hook a massive red salmon by the tail. It's back with its fin looked like a sea monster in the river. He let it go without landing it and it followed the current downstream close to the surface. We went to wash one layer of dirt off the car and bikes and took showers. We hiked up a gravel trail to the Russian Falls to see spawning salmon. Many of the people on the trail were carrying guns to protect their families from bears. We saw some fish trying to make the leap and smacking into the rocks. Then we went to Russian River Campground and walked down the side of the river to the confluence and saw people fishing. We stayed at Trail River Campground, which has a beautiful lake of glacier melt. On the shore was a dead tree with its roots sticking out into the lake. Standing on the roots I felt like Jack Sparrow sailing into Port Royal on the crow's nest of his sinking boat.

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