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I figured since the hostel didn’t provide breakfast I wouldn’t set my alarm, we are always tired and the beds uncomfortable so any sleep is good sleep. I woke up about 9:30ish and Bek was still sleeping. I figured I would let her sleep in a while and I would catch up on uploading our most recent holiday photos on Facebook. I wasn’t keen to leave my warm bed anyway, I came to San Sebastian for sun, beaches and tanning and instead got storms and winter clothes.

Feeling hungry we got out of bed and got ready. Luckily when we were leaving the rain had stopped, although it was still a pretty cold and miserable day. We found a cheap place to eat and got awesome hamburgers and chips. The meal was supposed to be €5.20 or something like that for the hamburger, chips and a drink, but I think the guy got confused when we were paying and we were only charged for the drink. Oh well.

We looked at the souvenir shops and I bought some beautiful pictures of the beach, of which the lady under charged me again. I am loving San Sebastian more and more every minute, even if the weather is bad. We wandered around Old Town and took minimal pictures. We admired the beaches and talked about how wonderful they would be if the weather was nicer. We returned to one of the souvenir shops that had some beautiful leather bags. I couldn’t help myself I am a bag lover.

Feeling lazy and it being such a miserable day we headed back to the hostel for a bit to relax. I chatted to Mum on Facebook for a bit and did some reading. We had stumbled across a record shop earlier in the day but it was closed for siesta, so we returned later to check it out. It wasn’t as good as the one in Lucerne, it had no organisation and the records were all used ones.

Not very impressed with the record shop and with the weather having cleared slightly we headed to the beach. We sat on the beach for a few hours, I enjoyed the view while Bek read. When the sun wasn’t covered by clouds it was quite warm sitting there. With the dark clouds looming back over we decided to head off before the storm came back, but the clouds just threatened with no rain.

Having had such a great meal at lunchtime we headed back to the same place, they had a variety of foods and we both got a pasta dish for dinner. It was soooooooo good, I had spaghetti pesto and pine nuts YUM. We didn’t realise the pasta also came with bread and had ordered a serving of churros each to have afterwards. The guy didn’t count them out and we ended up with 15 churros between us (don’t worry they arený as big as the ones in America). So for €8.40 we ended up with a huge meal.

I knew my meal wouldn’t hit me till we were back at the hostel and now that I am showered and lying in bed I am feeling really, really full and sick. I am not eating that much again. I think with all the stomach pains my body is trying to tell me something about the way I am eating. I think in Madrid tomorrow afternoon I will definitely be looking for some cheap fruit to eat instead of all the cheap crap I have been eating. The hostels might not have cooking facilities, but you don’t need them for fruit.

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