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This was our chant as we approach the paradise island on the ferry from Dar es Salaam. I couldn't believe my eyes!!! White sandy beaches and clear turquoise water!!! This is a dream!!!!!!

We have done so much already in such a short amount of time on Zanzibar island! On Wednesday we went on a spice tour which was really interesting and we had a meal prepared with all the different spices we had learned about. We then visited Stone Town and learnt more about the slave trade in Zanzibar and visited some markets to stock up on fruit for the week!!! :) We are definately having our five a day here!

On Thursday we went on a dolphin tour where we snorkeled and swam with the dolphins!!! It was incredible! I have never had such an experience before. We were all kitted out with fins, snorkels and masks and were set to go in the boats in search of the dolphins!!! There had been rumours floating around that the dolphins only come in October but we soon disproved this as after a short rollercoaster ride in the boat we found them...

I couldn't wait to be in the water and just be among them, but my experience was even better as suddenly i was surrounded by bottle-nosed dolphins. So beautiful, friendly and intelligent. At one point i was swimming within a group of 7 or 8 dolphins and i felt as if i was one of them!!! :)

We dived in about 4 or 5 times after following them excitedly in the boats. After this we then went snorkeling on the reef where we saw quite a few fish including many from the film 'Finding Nemo' haha!!! :) Having not really ever been a fan of the sea before i thought i was doing pretty well with the whole swimming and snorkeling thing, especially when my good friend Liana held my hand and taught me how to dive underneath to be among the fish. I think i was too excited to be scared any longer!!! I was alsi determined to make the most of this experience!!!

Whilst in Zanzibar we have also managed to go to the Makenduchi festival which is a New Year festival that obviously only happens once a year and so we were so lucky to be able to go!!! it was almost like being at a huge music festival back at home as there were two dance arenas where Djs bellowed out tunes from their decks. There were also lots of stalls, food stalls, market stalls and also a casino area!!! It was such a good atmosphere and we had a great time!!!

Yesterday was a lazy day on the beach where later on we enjoyed a cheeky cocktail or too! Today we are organising our very own beach olympics with such events as long jump, swimming to the boat and back, wheelbarrow and piggyback races, volleyball and lots lots more!!! :):):)

Tonight we are all very excited to attend the Full Moon party at Kendwa in the north of the island. It is going to be fantastic as we party on the beach and pull a good old 'all-nighter!!!'

So... despite us only being on the island for 4days we have cetainly made the most of our time here. On Monday we are going back to the Stone Town and we also go to the night markets there.

Let's see just how much more we can squeeze into this paradise island dream!!! :)

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