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Outdoor dining, yummy mussels, in a downpour. The first time we had...

Isn't she gorgeous on a mooring ball?

Can't beat that for a morning wake up view. How can people...

View of this small town with windmill.

We just got here and will be here for a few more days. We spent all day yesterday motoring through Long Island Sound. I wanted to make this entry, before I have photos to submit, because something interesting happened to me this afternoon that I want to share.

We dinghy-ed ashore for late lunch and were walking off our lunch, tourist style, down the quaint streets of old Sag Harbor village. I was commenting that there are so many fun stores I'd like to visit that Roger would have no interest in. I said "tomorrow I think I'll ditch you for a few hours and we can go our separate ways" when, to my left and very near by we heard... "sounds like a good idea to me". I turned and sitting only 5 feet from me at a hotel cafe table, was a man with a baseball cap, smoking an aromatic cigar, with a twinkle in his eye and faint smile. He was waiting for my reaction I'm sure. I walked up to his table and looked him straight in his familiar eyes. It was Rudy Giuliani. I was surprised and unable to speak. I didn't want to say a dumb thing so I just smiled and said I hoped he had a nice weekend. But I let him know that I recognized him. I was tickled at the incident. I have admired him for many years, since 9/11. Even though he has a womanizing reputation.

That's all.

And, bye the way, we finally had a nice temperature day. Out of the heat and down in the 70's. the locals say it's going back to 90 tomorrow. Ugh!

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